Registration Terms & Conditions

By registering for and/or attending the 2017 ICEA US-China Matchmaking Summit, herein referred to as the Summit, all participants agree to be bound by and comply with, these Terms and Conditions. It is the participant’s responsibility to read and understand these Terms and Conditions.

A. Registration Agreement, Registration Process, and Payment Methods

  1. Registrants will be able to select the early registration fee up until 11:59 MT July 31, 2017. If payment has not been received and confirmed by the Conference Office by 11:59 MT July 31, 2017, registrants will be charged the standard conference fee. This applies to registrants submitting bank/wire transfers, checks, and credit card payments that are incomplete for any reason.
  2. Registrations entered after 11:59 GMT September 15, 2017, will be considered late registrations and pay the posted fee.
  3. Discount codes are assigned by the Summit Registration Office.  We reserve the right to cancel any registrations using unauthorized discount codes.
  4. Conference registrations will not be confirmed until the completed form and the correct payment is received and processed by the Conference Office.
  5. Registrants should obtain confirmation from the Conference Office before committing to other travel arrangements.
  6. Accommodation costs are only included in the inclusive packages. Attendees not selecting the inclusive package are responsible for making their own lodging arrangements.
  7. Payment of on-site registration must be made using a credit card. No cash will be accepted.
  8. Delegates should advise of any special access requirements at the time of registration.
  9. Registration information will be sent to registered delegates by email at least seven days prior to the event.  Any delegate not receiving the registration information should contact us by email to
  10. Participants are responsible for taking appropriate insurance coverage in connection with their attendance at the Summit. Where the participant is traveling from outside of the host country to attend the conference, appropriate travel insurance should be purchased independently and in advance of any travel or travel bookings.

B. Cancellation Policy

  1. Conference registration can be canceled only in writing (email) to Kesselman-Jones, Inc.
  2. Substitutions may be made at any time at no extra charge.  Should substitution not be possible, cancellation charges apply as follows:     

8 weeks or more prior to start of event: 10% of the delegate fee  (August 4)
2 to 8 weeks prior to start of event: 50% of the delegate fee (Aug 5 – September 15)
2 weeks or less prior to start of event: 100% of the delegate fee (After September 15)

If you wish to substitute a participant, please contact the Conference Office at the earliest opportunity.

  1. All refunds will be made after the Conference and within 30 days.
  2. A cancellation fee of $50 will apply to all guest/additional banquet cancellations made one week prior to the first day of the Conference; no banquet cancellations will be permitted after September 25.
  3. In the event of fire, flood or without limit other causes that the Summit reasonably believes to be substantial or that are beyond the Summit’s control, we reserve the right to change the times, dates and the venue of the conference, without incurring any liability to the participants. In the unlikely event of the program being canceled, a full refund will be made. Liability will be limited to the amount of the fee paid by the delegate. In the event of it being found necessary, for whatever reason, that the conference is being postponed or the dates being changed, the organizers shall not be liable for any expenditure, damage or loss incurred by the delegate.  If by re-arrangement or postponement the event can take place, the booking between the delegate and the organizers shall remain in force and will be subject to the cancellation schedule in section C.
  4. The participant by accepting these terms and conditions you agree to fully indemnifies and hold harmless the Summit’s organizers, employees, agents, contracts and sub-contractors against and holds it harmless from all or any loss or damage, injury, actions, proceedings or claims arising from any act or omission of the participant during the course of the conference.

C. Conference Program

  1. Conference program is subject to change.
  2. Views expressed by speakers are their own. The Summit or its partners cannot accept liability for advice given, or views expressed, by any speaker at the conference or in any material provided to delegates.

D. Participation

  1. The Summit reserves the right, without any liability, to refuse admission to, or to eject attendees from the event, in its absolute discretion, including (without limitation), for failure to comply with these Terms or if in the opinion of ICEA they represent a security risk, nuisance or annoyance to the running of the Event.
  2. You agree to comply with all reasonable instructions issued by the conference and venue operators.
  3. We reserve the right to photograph and videotape all Summit participants and to use such photographs and videos in any internal and external communication referring to the Summit, including, but not limited to, its websites and mobile application and social media pages. You hereby consent to such uses. The Summit is held in a public space, therefore we do not prohibit participants, exhibitors, sponsors, news organizations and other companies from photographing or video or audio-taping some Conference activities. Delegates who do not wish to be filmed or recorded should advise the organizers by email to prior to the event.
  4. The conference and associated websites may link to other websites and networking tools provided for the convenience of the users. The contents of these websites are maintained by their owners, for which the Summit takes no responsibility. Neither can responsibility be taken for contents of any website linking to this website.
  5. ICEA/ACCE, the Summit nor the Conference Organizing Committee may be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any property, whatever the cause may be. The customer takes part in the event, all tours and trips at his own risk. Further, the organizers may not be held liable for any costs or damages incurred resulting from acts outside of their control including but not limited to force majeure, strikes and/or public manifestations. Only written arrangements are binding. Registration of a participant entails acceptance of these conditions.

E.  Personal Information

  1. By submitting registration details, delegates agree to allow the Summit and companies associated with the Summit to contact them regarding their services. Delegates who do not wish to receive such communications please email
  2. Please note that participation contact details will be kept on the Summit database.  We do not record or store credit card information.
  3. Unless the Conference Office has received an explicit request from a registrant disallowing to share his/her contact information (through the Registration Form), a list of all attendees, their affiliation institutions, and email addresses will be included in Summit App.
  4. The email addresses will also be used to circulate last minute details and announcements of future ICEA events.
  5. If you would like your record to be deleted AFTER the conference, please notify Kesselman-Jones by email ( or in writing to the Summit Coordination Office.



*These terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.

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